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1.Secret Under The Floorboard
Ken Munro
Sammy and Brian- the 15 year old detectives-solve a blackmail mystery.10,000 is at risk... maybe money... maybe something else. Enjoy this mystery book, their are many more just like it.
Secret Under the Floorboard by Ken Munro
Secret Under the Floorboard by Ken Munro
2.Doom Buggy
Ken Munro
Someone has stolen a buggy. It is up to Sammy, Joyce, and Brian to find out who did it, and why. This has some twists to it, but the detective team seems to have found out who did it.
Doom Buggy
Doom Buggy
3.Indian Bones Revenge
Ken Munro
Stan Lowe's construction company digs up human bones while on the job. If they report them,construction stops. They don't want that to happen. People get blackmailed, and kidnapped. But in the end, Sammy, Brian, and Joyce seem to figure out who has done it this time.
The Indian Bones' Revenge by Ken Munro
The Indian Bones' Revenge by Ken Munro
Sarah Weeks
Alice's best friend- Aunt Polly- has passed.She is missing her, and her pies. She has left Alice her cat ,Lardo in her will, but confusion has gone around. Lardo is gone, everyone in Ipswitch is trying to figure out what Polly's pie secret was. This leads Alice and her best friend Charlie to find the impersonator, and the catnapper.
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5.Tin Box
Ken Munro
When Brian found the tin box in the wall of Sammy's basement, it had a humungeous clue of what happened to Shawn Walker. They found his watch, with finger prints on it. They invited the "North Carolina Five" over to help them with the case. It turned out that there is blackmail, AGAIN, and this time Sammy and Brian's plan has outwitte the mailer. Is Shawn Walker alive? Is he the one getting blackmailed, and does his parents no any thing about this? What you figure out is bound to shock you.
The Tin Box (Sammy and Brian Mystery)
The Tin Box (Sammy and Brian Mystery)
6.Out Of My Mind
Sharon M.
Melody has Celebral Palsy, which puts her in a wheelchair. Ever since Melody was little, Mrs. V. has always encouraged her to do things that Melody didn't even think of doing. Melody remembers everything (sort of like Olive on A.N.T farm) from commercials to noticing that whose friends are whose. The only thing wrong is that she can't say anything, but now that she has Elvira-her Medi-Talker- she can program and"say" anything she wants. That puts her in some tough situations. She has gotten her way onto the whiz team, and once they beat the local teams, her team goes onto states, but she couldn't participate'll just have to read it yourself. The day after her whiz team competed, and got 9th place, it was pouring rain, and Penny, her younger sister has the worst of luck, it ends up that Penny is in the hospital for.....It is a really good book, so you better read to find out.
external image 413xY1NaBeL._SS400_.jpg
I've learned in this nature's children book that Lions are the biggest in the cat family. I've also learned that when moms need to go catch food for their pride, they leave their cubs to another mom that they leave behind with the males to watch them. Baby lions love to play and practice their hunting skills on one another, and others' tails.It is a very informative book, and if you like Lions, or are doing a report on them, this is the book to have.
Getting to Know Nature's Children: Lions / Pandas
Getting to Know Nature's Children: Lions / Pandas
Alia Smyth
I've learned in this book that cheetahs are the only animals in the cat family that can't retract it's claws. This book has also informed me that cheetahs do not live in groups, and that they just live with their cubs if they have any. It also says that when the cubs grow up, the mom pushes them out and away from her. They usually stay together and take over thier mother's land. The males usually stay together , but the females go off to have cubs.
9.Number The Stars
Lois Lowry
This book is about a girl named Annemarie that has a best friend, Ellen, who is a jew. They both live in the town of Denmark which is currently ruled by the Nazis. The Nazis have decided to capture and relocate the jews, so Annemarie and her family(Kirsti-her younger sister-, her mom, and her dad) decide to lie and pretend that Ellen is actually Lise.(Lise is Annemarie and Kirsti's older sister that died by getting hit by a car) This story is all about the scary adventures that Annemarie takes through their 5 years of Nazi rulership. I can't tell you everything, but there are tons more details that I want to tell you, and it would make this box 3 times the size if i did, so read it yourself to find out what really happens.
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10.Stepping On The Cracks
Mary Downing Hahn
This book all starts when Elizabeth and Margaret are getting picked on by Gordy and his friends.(Doug and Toad) Gordy, Elizabeth,and Margaret had brothers who were sent to fight in the war against Hitler. One day when Gordy rips up Elizabeth's and Margaret's fort, they get mad and follow him, Toad, and Doug to their hut. Once they realize that Elizabeth and Margaret have been spying on them, Gordy tells them a story that the experimental farm near their hut let out a crazy man. Margaret has seen this''crazy man'', but Elizabeth doesn't believe until they go back and see him, but then they realize that it wasn't actually a crazy man, it was Gordy's brother, Stuart. The story continues on about their adventures. It ends when Barbara takes Stuart in, and leads him to health. Since there father beats them, they're family moves. No one knows whether they come to visit or not. .

11.The Sorcerer's Stone
J. K. Rowling
In this book, it is Harry's first year at Hogwart's school of wizardry. He has no idea that he is a wizard until his house is bombarded by letters, and Hagrid (the grounds keeper). His mother and father died when Voldemort( the worst wizard ever) kills them. Harry then learns that he is famous because when Voldemort tries to kill him, he lives. In this book, he knocks out a mountain troll, meets a three headed dog named "Fluffy", and is seeker of Gryffindor's quidditch team. There are many surprises, and very much detail. You will like the book better than the movie. In my opinion, it was easier to follow along by watching the movie first.

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12.The Chamber Of Secrets
J. K. Rowling
In this book, Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger start their second year at Hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft. Harry and Ron test Dombledore's patients by arriving to Hogwarts Ron's dad's flying car. The reason for this- Dobby. Dobby is a house elf that works for the Malfoys. He had earlier visited Harry to warn him not to go to Hogwarts. This time he had hidden and blocked the gate from opening for Ron and Harry. Later on in the book, there have been many attacks. All of them have made the victim petrified, but it still took 5 months to cure them for the mandrakes (flower babies) had to grow. Once Harry had found out that Hermione -one of his best friends-had been attacked, he had to find the culprit. Hermione had figured out what had been the killer, and then suddenly got attacked. Harry saw a page torn out of a book, and read it. It was a basilisk. It is a large serpent that can kill people with one look straight in the eye. Many people had only been petrified though, because of mirrors, ghosts, and cameras.Luckily, Harry can speak Parseltounge. This is when he has the gift to talk to snakes. He uses this gift to find Tom Riddle (Voldemort) who managed to come alive from Ginny (Ron's sister) talking into his diary. They fight, and Harry won, killing the petrifying basilisk, and the diary. This was a very alive, thrilling, and I was on the edge of my seat until the end.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8IKLgG7HMCKleMWrGUZ3lkIUM49JndxaU74kh1RSJKCeZ85dMkQ
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13.Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
Wendy Mass
This book is about Jeremy Fink (a twelve year old boy who is almost thirteen), and his best friend Lizzie go on a rollercoaster ride. (metaphorically speaking)One day Nick the mailman drops off a package. Since Lizzie is a thief, they open up the box, even though it was for Jeremy's mom.It is a box, to be opened by Jeremy on his thirteenth birthday. The catch is that it's not just a box, but a box that has one keyhole on each side. There is a note that also comes with it. It says that someone had lost the keys. There is a different key for each hole, and someone has misplaced them. In that case, Jeremy and Lizzy are off to find the missing keys. They search all over the place. Once they checked an office, they got caught for making an entrance. That leads them to community service by helping Mr. Oswald, the pawner, move to Florida. Their job is to deliver objects that Mr.Oswald's dad collected, and return them back to the rightful owners. In the end of community service, Mr.Oswald is kind enough to let both Lizzie and Jeremy pick a gift. Jeremy picks a suitcase full of little items while Lizzie picks a doll. Three keys fit from the suitcase fit. By then, Jeremy has given up for finding the last key. Later on Jeremy's birthday, Lizzie gives Jeremy the last key because she wanted it to be a surprise. Once he finds out that she knew, he got upset because she didn't give it to him earlier. He is still excited because it is going to feel like his father is still there since the gift is from his father. He is very shocked when he finds out that there are rocks inside.Then he sees that there is a note that says that these are rocks from all over the place. They are rocks from different important locations. The list says the different spots, and how old his father was when he got them. Lizzie has a gift also from Jeremy's father. She collects playing cards that she finds around the world. The catch is, that they have to be warn out. She has one card left, and is shocked when in the box, the card that she is looking for, and is left out of her collection, is there. Jeremy's father had found the last card to Lizzie's collection. By now Jeremy has figured out that MR. Oswald knew where the keys were the whole time. He explains to Jeremy that his father wanted him to explore more, and that he slipped in Lizzie's last card. Jeremy was surprised, and shocked, and that is when he starts his own rock collection. I love this book. It moved my heart, and it was a mystery. This book is one of the best I have read. I recommend it to everyone.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpn_L-d_khGaB7CofLm9O01s_4-L1uVvQ9i_N-AHgtg2So1TcE

Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever

This book is about a Christmas pageant that is being run by someone other than the normal Mrs. Armstrong, and with the Herdmans.The Herdmans are a family that cause trouble day and night. No one even tries to mess with them because they will beat you up and do tricks that no one would dare to do. Every year their church has a Christmas pageant with the same people as the roles, but this year since someone lied and told a Herdman that the church had refreshments.Since they love food, they came. Since the Christmas pageant was soon, the Herdmans wanted to be in it. All of the parts were played by the Herdmans. No one disagreed because they knew they would get beat up. During all of the rehersals, they asked a whole load of questions because they never went to church before. Once they have had to go through several practices, it is show time. As the offerings for the baby Jesus, three Herdmans brought a ham. Then they said their lines, and went on their way. The special thing is that the Herdmans never cry. Since the Herdmans never cry, it was surprising to see that the Mary was crying. After the show, no one said it was a bad show, but everyone was saying that it was different. It was the best Christmas pageant ever, even with the Herdmans. external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT7HHUaLfIpkGsYwzL-ZKAE4xMuQLEWJm-TQvFdtxIH5k5H3RVapw
15. Mango Shaped Space
Wendy Mass
This novel by Wendy Mass takes you through so many different emotions. Thirteen year Mia and her friend Jenna both have a family member that has died. Mia's grandfather, and Jenna's mother. The day of Mia's grandfather's funeral, Mia finds a kitten. The weird thing is though, that Mango ( the kitten's name) is a mango-color. Mia felt as if Mango's eyes were the same as her grandfather's, so she kept Mango as a pet. Later in Mia's life she finds out that she is one in a few that can see colors in letters and numbers. Once she tells her parents, and finally finds the right doctor, they find out that she has synesthesia. Jenna and Mia then get in a fight because Mia didn't tell Jenna earlier. After meeting boys from synesthesia meetings, and history projects, Mango dies. It causes so much trauma in Mia's life that she loses her colors for a while. After a visit from a young friend with her same symptom, she gets her colors back. This novel ends greatly. I strongly recommend this book. I have to admit that this is the first book that ever made me cry.

16. The Diary Of Anne Frank
Anne Frank
So far Anne and her family, the Van Daans, and Dussel have moved into the Secret Annex for protection from the German Nazis, since all of the Jews are being captured and killed. They now have arrangements for sleeping, eating, bathing, and listening to the radio at certain times. Although they all bicker with one another, they learn how to deal with it day to day because if they don't, there are serious consequences.

17.Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
In the book Hunger Games,there are 12 districts, and a capitol. Each year each district picks two people. One boy and one girl. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are chosen from district 12. Katniss doesn't actually get chosen, but she volunteers because her sister was chosen as tribute. Katniss and Peeta then ride a train down to the capitol where they have a "parade" to show off who comes from what tribute. Then they have evaluations. That is when one person at a time goes into a room with the evaluators. They show off their skills, then the evaluators by a number from 1 (worst) to 10 (best), evaluate them. After all of that the tributes go into the arena, and fight to see who gets the glory to win. Even though Katniss gets burned, and Peeta gets cut, they make it out alive. Even though they usually only accept one player, Katniss and Peeta couldn't kill each other, so they threatened to eat a poisonous berry. That changes their mind, but Katniss and Peeta are still in trouble out of the arena. Since they played a trick, the capitol gets mad because their hunger games was supposed to show off their ruling.

18.Every Soul A Star
Wendy Mass
In this book, Ally- a girl who doesn't care about her appearance, Bree- a girl who has the life of a celebrity, and Jack- a boy who is normally isolated. They all ended up in Moon Shadow. Bree's family is at Moon Shadow because her mother and father decided to study space from this ideal spot, which causes them to move to Moon Shadow, Jack is at Moon Shadow because if he doesn't attend with his science teacher, he has to go to summer school. Last of all, Ally- she is at Moon Shadow because she lives there, even though she is going to switch houses with Bree. The only reason they have all come at the same time, is because of a solar eclipse. It is the one that Ally and her family have been waiting the past 5 years for. Together they spot an exoplanet, even if it wasn't on plans. They bond, and even if they are completely different, they all come together to watch the eclipse.

19. Gifted Hands
Ben Carson
Ben Carson and his brother Curtis have been poor all of their lives. Their mother cleaned houses, and watched children every day so that she good keep food on the table. One Sunday afternoon, Ben was at church when the pastor told a story about a missionary doctor. Ever since then, Ben had always had the dream to be a doctor. And he did just that. Ben grew up going to church, studying for tests, and praying. After almost 8 years of going to college, Ben was an official doctor. He then worked on many different cases of craniopagus Siamese twins. Some of these operations took up to 30 hours! Later in Ben's life, he realizes that he should open up his eyes see the flowers, birds, and his family. Almost every week, after his last operation on craniopagus Siamese twins, he would speak, and collect medals/honor awards. This is his theory that he would make sure he noted every time he spoke:
20.Five Minute Mysteries

Every time I read a little mystery, I never get the answer correct! One out of 37 different stories, one goes like this: One afternoon, Michael Caledon visited the residence of Mrs. Van Nough. "Mrs. Van Nough was deaf, at least according to Sergant Cosman". They talked, then "Mrs. Van Nough winced. The early morning breeze had brought the exhaust fumes onto the porch. 'Come' she shouted over the din. 'We'll go inside. Would you carry the muffins?'" What has tipped Michael Caledon to the realization that Mrs. Van Nough may not be all she pretends?
The answer: " A deaf person would not react to ambient noise by raising her voice to compensate for it."
Even though I was completely clueless on the answer for this riddle, I thought it was completely obvious as to the answer. I wish that I could at least solve ONE of these riddles.

21. Hatchet

During Hatchet, Brian Robeson- a 13 year old boy flew on a bushplane to visit his father since his father and mother had gotten a divorce. Only things went horribly wrong. The pilot had a heart attack , which caused Brian to nose dive the plane, then quick fly back up in order to stay in the sky as long as possible. When the plane was eventually out of fuel, and there was no hope of still flying, he crashed in an L-shaped lake.Since the pilot was dead from the previous heart attack, Brian was left alone on the island for a total of 54 days. During his trip, he had gathered food, made a shelter, hunted, and lived. Even though he had been bitten by mosquitoes, attacked by a moose, and hit by by a tornado, he never gave up. Once he had established enough to think about how to get home, he had the idea to dive into the lake, and into the plane to grab the survival pack. (thanks to the tornado he could actually see the tail of the plane) During this retrieval of the survival pack, he had dropped his hatchet. Brian knew it was his only weapon on as how to stay alive. He was determined to get it back. After almost dying, Brian retrieved the hatchet and the survival pack. He returned to his shelter and dug through the equipment. In a water tight bag, there was a emergency transmitter. He had thought it was broken, but accidentally left it on. A fur buyer mapping Cree trapping camps had heard the emergency transmitter from his plane, and had landed to see what it was.Once he had gotten hid balance and gotten off the plane, he saw Brian. Brian had then returned home where both of his parents payed much attention to him. Even though Brain was extremely close to telling his father about the Secret, he never did. I guess that is why it was called a Secret.external image 200px-Hatchet.jpg
22.How To Steal A Dog
Barbara O' Connor
Georgina Hayes and her brother Toby have come up with a plan. They are going to steal a dog. Why? Well, you see, Georgina, Toby, and their mother live in a car. Ever since their father left them, their mother has been working two jobs, Georgina is failing sixth grade, and Toby has to be watched. One night while Georgina was sitting in her seat of the beat up, old car, she saw a lost sign for a dog. The reward was $500. She thought that if one person would pay $500., why not anyone else? She came up with a plan. She was going to steal a dog and get money so there family can live in a real home. She had to have rules, though. She had rules for the dog, like no barking, no biting, and the owner has to look like they will pay a lot of money to get their dog back. Once she came up with these rules, she had to tell Toby, or else he will just tell mother. After school while they were supposed to be waiting for mother in the car, they went all around Whitmore Road looking for a dog that would qualify. They finally found a dog that was perfect. He lived in a big house, his owner loved him very much, and the street was even named after the owner, so they had to be rich! Once they had found the dog, they went back to the car and waited until tomorrow. Their mother surprised them when she said that she found a house. Once Georgina and Toby actually saw the house, they hated it. Its windows were blocked up, and bushes were surrounding the house like jungles! The Hayes stayed there for 2 nights, then got kicked out for trespassing. They then started living in the car again. Once Georgina and Toby found string for a leash, they stole the dog named Willy. They tied him to a doorknob on the porch, so he wouldn't get wet in the rain. Then, they went back to the car, and their mother told them the bad news that she got fired from one of her jobs. The next day, their mother came home with a bag of food. Georgina kept some, then later took it to Willy. When she visited Willy, she saw a ragged man with three fingers. His name was Mookie. They talked, then he said, "Sometimes, the more you stir, the more it stinks". Georgina and Toby went to the owner's house, only to find out that she isn't rich at all. Her house was dirty and stinky. Georgina told Mrs. Whitmore about a reward, so Mrs. Whitmore found $500. Then, the next day Georgina skipped school, and told Mrs. Whitmore about her plan. All of it. Even about Mookie. The story ended when Georgina's mother found an apartment to share with another family. Georgina gets her own bed, and everyone is happy and safe.external image How-to-Steal-a-Dog.png
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23. Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls
Ever since Billy was a little boy, he wanted good hunting dogs. One day while he was out playing, he saw an add about some pups that are 25 dollars each. He was determined to earn those dogs, and he did just that. He walked to town and back, and named them Little Ann and Old Dan. Billy practices almost every day catching coons with his dogs, and gets very close to them. His grandpa owns a shop down the rode from their cabin in the middle of the woods, so as you can imagine, Billy visits his grandpa a lot. One time while Billy was visiting, grandpa shows him a newspaper add about a coon-hunting championship. Billy decides to join in, and comes out winning a first place trophy, a prettiest hound trophy, and getting to say that his dogs treed a coon during a blizzard. Then, Billy goes hunting on a nice evening, but it was not a nice hunt at all. Instead of Old Dan and Little Ann treeing a coon, they treed a wildcat, and would not leave without him. The wildcat lunged at Billy, but Old Dan saved him by jumping in front. The wildcat ended up dying, but only after Old Dan and Little Ann were severely injured. Billy carried Old Dan home, but after a day, he died. Little Ann died too, but only because she wouldn't eat or sleep without her brother. Once Little Ann knows that she is going to die, she drags herself to where Old Dan is laying. When both of them are buried together, a red fern grows in between them.external image WhereRedFern3.jpg
24. The Tale Of Despereaux
Kate DiCamillo
During this story, Despereaux Tilling- a very unusual mouse, not afraid of anything, not even cats- and Roscuro- a rat who loves the light- meet, and become friends. In the beginning of Despereaux's childhood, he falls in love with the princess. From there on, he is sent on a quest to make soup legal again. That might sound funny, but here is how soup became illegal- one day a princess, queen, and king were having a lovely party for soup day in there kingdom. As you might imagine, rats love soup too. One rat though, named Roscuro, fell into the queens soup as she was testing it. The queen died then, and ever since then, rats and soup were illegal from the kingdom. After a while, Roscuro noticed a servant who wanted to be a princess, but never would. He leaded her into thinking that she was beautiful, and together they captured the princess and took her down into the dungeon. Since Despereaux's love was in danger he saved her, and they all made it out of the dungeon alive. Soup was legal, and rats were no longer forbidden. Despereaux had saved the day!external image 200px-The_Tale_of_Despereaux.jpg
25. Confectionately Yours- Taking the cake
Lisa Papademetriou
Hayley is a thirteen year old who bakes the best cupcakes in town. She has a best friend named Marco, an ex-best friend named Artie, and another best friend named Meghan. Throughout the story, Hayley experiences what a life with an ex-best friend feels like. Her crush, Devon, is stolen by Artie. Only after Meghan tells Hayley that she thinks Devon likes her, does Hayley have the nerve to talk to him. Eventually, Devon ends up liking another girl. Hayley gets grounded because of what she let Marco do. Marco is on the school's soccer team, and his grades are low in math. Hayley is too nice during one of their tests, and lets Marco cheat off of her paper. When Mr. Carter (the math teacher) finds out, Marco confesses, and gets off the soccer team until his grades improve. Even during all of that fiasco, Hayley visits Annie's (Hayley's dad's girlfriend's parents) parents at a super fancy restaurant and throws up. Luckily Annie's mom is a doctor, and can tell that Hayley had an allergic reaction to lobster. As you can tell, Hayley has a crazy life. Even with so many different things going wrong, Hayley doesn't give up.external image 13436382.jpg
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